Pediatric Care Certification

Join the conversation and learn more about Pediatric Certification at Home. Our pilot program is an invitation to shape the future of pediatric care.

As an independent, nonprofit accrediting body for home and community-based healthcare organizations, CHAP is committed to creating a new Pediatric Certification for accredited providers of care at no extra cost for CHAP-accredited providers.

CHAP’s guidance, education, and resources are crucial to providers as they deliver the best patient care.

“The launch of CHAP’s Pediatric Certification marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance the highest quality of care in the home. This initiative is a testament to CHAP’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare practices. Developed in collaboration with leading experts and organizations, our comprehensive standards are designed to encapsulate a holistic approach to pediatric care—encompassing health equity, family-centered partnerships, and resilience. This certification enables providers to not only meet but exceed the critical needs of the young patients they serve, ensuring that every child has access to quality care tailored to their unique needs”

Teresa Harbour, COO, CHAP

An Initiative for Pediatric Care Excellence

The Pediatric Care Certification standards align with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Health Care Strategies guidelines. This certification is available at no additional cost to providers specializing in home health, hospice, home care, palliative care, and home infusion therapy.

Guiding Principles for Pediatric Care

Inclusive Practices: Promoting health equity across all spectrums of pediatric care.

Equitable Partnerships: Strengthening collaboration between patients, families, and providers.

Family Empowerment: Leveraging family strengths to address social needs and enhance resilience.

Evidence-based Concepts: Emphasizing development, nutrition, medication, mobility, pain, respiration, and psychosocial stages as the bedrock of pediatric healthcare.

A Comprehensive Certification Approach

Educational Resources: Offering education on Pediatric Friendly Health Care principles to families and providers.

Policy Development: Creating policy addendums that are in lockstep with evidence-based pediatric care.

Implementation: Ensuring care practices meet our high standards and the unique needs of pediatric patients.

Ongoing Improvement: Committing to continuously enhancing care quality and certification standards.

CHAP is currently accepting participants for the pilot program, presenting a unique opportunity for providers to set a precedent in pediatric care excellence.

Join the Movement:

Community Advisory Group

Beth Rubio, RN

Chief Clinical Officer

Ann M. Martin, MSN, RN

Site Visitor

Lori Kramer

Chief Clinical & Compliance Officer

Mary Goldman, RN, BSN

Site Visitor

“We are honored to become the first CHAP agency to be accredited in home health and certified in pediatrics. Accreditation is integral to our goal in setting a worldwide standard for patient care in pediatric home health.”

– Shayla Williamson, MSN, President and Administrator, St. Jude Home Care LLC.