Florida (AHCA) Home Health & Hospice License Requirements

Home Health/Home Care: License required

Skilled Home Care billing Medicaid must be in compliance with the Home Health Conditions of Participation so will be surveyed as a Home Health.

CHAP can conduct Initial licensure site visits for Home Health and skilled Home Care (must be accredited) – 2-step process for accreditation

  • 2-step process not required for Hospice (no initial licensure survey by CHAP)


AHCA: Health Quality Assurance Licensure Forms

Hospice: License and Certificate of Need approval required


Initial Hospice Licensure Process

Renewal of License

For renewal of license – a CHAP comprehensive survey can be utilized as proof of compliance in lieu of a state licensure survey for Home Health only, with conditions (59 FL ADC 59A-8.003 – (3) “Surveys of Accredited Home Health Agencies:

(a) It is the responsibility of the home health agency to request exemption from state licensure surveys pursuant to Section 400.471(9), F.S., by submitting documentation of accreditation by an approved accrediting organization and the most recent survey from the accrediting organization to the AHCA Licensed Home Health Programs Unit.

(b) Home health agencies that complete paragraph (a) will not be subject to licensure surveys by AHCA except under the following circumstances:

  • 1. The HHA has been denied accreditation or has received a provisional accreditation report from the accrediting organization on its most recent survey, or
  • 2. The HHA has received full accreditation but has not authorized the release of the report to the AHCA, or has not ensured that AHCA has received the accrediting organization’s report.”)

FL Department of Health

Division of Quality Assurance

2727 Mahan Drive, Mail Stop #2

Tallahassee, FL 32308

Contact Information:

Kim Smoak, Deputy Secretary of Health Quality Assurance

(850) 412-4516


Ruby Grantham, Manager Laboratory and In-Home Services Unit

(850) 412-4386