Disease Program Certification

A CHAP Certified Disease Program differentiates your organization by incorporating board-approved, evidence-based guidelines throughout your organization resulting in consistent operations, clinical excellence, and referral growth.

A CHAP Certified Disease Program enables customized care to patients with specific diagnoses and differentiates your organization. These certifications include standards and guidance ,written and vetted by clinical industry experts, and reviewed by specialty physicians for each disease state. A certified disease program demonstrates your commitment to the highest standards and quality to your customers, referral sources, and patients.

The certification is affordable, and may be equal to one new admission.

Explore Disease Program Certification Options

Having a consistent, well-executed framework of care can lead to reduced hospital readmissions, higher patient satisfaction, and increased public quality ratings.

We Validate

  • Appropriate assessments are in place for the specific disease area
  • Policies and procedures are in place to support the specialized patient care you provide
  • Staff training and training coordination
  • Standards are present in the framework of the program

A Disease Program Certification is perfect if you want:

Disease Certification Standards

Disease program certification includes standards relating to:

  • Provision of care and transition of care requirements
  • Self-management requirements
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Performance improvement requirements
  • Information management requirements
  • Management of the certification program

Building Specialty Training Programs for Specific Diseases

CHAP + Home Care Pulse Webinar

As the aging population grows exponentially, so do the needs of diagnosis-specific in-home care. In addition to providing more tailored care, specialty training and certifications are a great way to set your agency apart from competitors.

Join CHAP and Home Care Pulse as we discuss:

  • How to build specialty training programs around common diseases
  • The importance of having a certified disease program
  • How to demonstrate value to clients, their families and referral partners using your program
  • How to increase client/caregiver retention through specialty training

As an agency, your top two priorities should be your employees and your clients. Through diagnosis-specific programs, you serve both. Join us to learn more.

How Certification Works

Read Standards

The program certification is based on the organizational structure and standardized processes that will lead to providing high-quality care to patients with the specific diagnosis or need. Also, it incorporates standardized clinical evidence-based guidelines and performance improvement metrics.

Adapt or Build Your Program

To become certified, an agency must register for certification by purchasing the specific Disease Program Standards. The agency must have a structured program for providing evidence-based care. The standards can be used as a framework to build the program.

Submit Readiness and Survey

Once the program has been structured, and appropriately trained staff are in place, the agency can submit their readiness for the disease program survey process. This is a virtual process. Policies and procedures are uploaded and reviewed by a Disease Program Surveyor. A report is provided to the agency after the review is completed, and successful agencies will then move into the interview process. After the interviews are complete, if all standard requirements are met, the agency will receive their 1-year certification. Correction and resubmission is allowed if deficiencies are present upon the initial review/interview. Each agency location is required to go through this process to achieve certification.

Market Your Certified Disease Program

When you achieve your certification, you will receive a marketing kit which includes:

  • Seal of Certification to use to market your program
  • Press release and social media templates to alert your community of your achievement
  • Approved and suggested verbiage to use to describe your certification
  • Marketing plan template, including referral source partnership plan and sales messaging templates.

Board of Physicians

CHAP’s standards provide the support and structure needed to ensure the quality of the program is maintained and well-executed. Written and reviewed by CHAP’s panel of physician specialists and industry experts, we provide you with our standards using best practices.

Dr. Khai Nguyen

National Medical Director

Ian Neel, MD

Associate Clinical Professor

Shafer Boeder, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Tausha Beard, FNP, MSN, CWON

National Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse

Jeremy Orr, MD

Assistant Professor

Kunal Agrawal, MD

Assistant Professor

Nicholas Phreaner, MD


““CHAP standards align with Medicare Conditions of Participation and regulatory framework to support Compassus at the enterprise level, the community level and for every clinician with confidence that care delivery is meeting the highest standards. The CHAP standards framework provides guidance through documentation, policies, and the format of delivering care. Compassus has been tracking our survey outcomes over the past five years, providing health care system partners with demonstrable evidence of survey outcomes and assurance that improvement occurs when needed. We utilize the standards to go beyond compliance and target ways to improve quality and care delivery.””

– Jennifer Hale MSN, RN, CHPN,CPHQ VP, Clinical Quality COMPASSUS

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