Shane LuQuire

Growth Consultant

With a remarkable 25-year journey in post-acute care, Shane LuQuire is a seasoned Growth Specialist predominantly rooted in DME, home health, and hospice. He has exhibited profound leadership, notably as a national company’s Vice President of Sales. LuQuire’s true leadership testament lies in fostering employee recruitment and retention, skill development, and promotion.

Deeply involved in acquisitions and turnarounds, he has consistently demonstrated his capability to transform businesses. Believing in cultivating the right culture for success, LuQuire has crafted leadership training, established pivotal performance metrics, and excels in integrated frequency, territory optimization, and mapping. As a Growth Consultant, he makes strides in strategic tool development, client training, and using data to identify market differentiators.

LuQuire’s unique blend of experience, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication positions him as an invaluable asset for organizations on a growth trajectory.